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3 great places to watch the Giants

    The Barbary Coast is home to any number of great bars for watching the San Francisco Giants whip through the World Series and take another championship. Check the schedule and arrive early if you want a seat no matter where you end up - you can bet places will be packed during games. Here are three of our favorite spots for sports... … Read Full Article

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Beware of scams, ATM thefts

Scams continue to plague the city in various forms, so be on the lookout. Blessing scams: SFPD Central Station Capt. David Lazar reported in his most recent police newsletter about "blessing … Read Full Article

Letter: Vote ‘yes’ on Prop G

Dear Barbary Coast News, Re: Helping Our Friends/Helping Our City – Vote Yes on G Throughout the 8 Washington fight, the city’s affordable housing advocates were among our strongest allies. They … Read Full Article